Sustainable Luxury with a mission

Namrita Chettiar Label is committed to advancing socially and environmentally sustainable manufacturing & sourcing practices.

Based in Los Altos California, Namrita works with local small business to develop her product line, hence supporting the local economy and giving back to the country she now call home.

Her fabrics are sourced ethically from world-over with an emphasis on enabling artisans who practice time honored fabric making processes, enabling cottage industries and empowering women in villages and small towns.

Not to be driven by trends is an ethos she has always maintained. “I truly am a fashionista at heart” she says. – However, “Style is a self expression of who you are”. Sustainability is a cause she takes seriously and her clothes imbibe the same – Sustainable, Environmentally friendly, Supporting and honoring traditional crafts while providing a contemporary perspective to her creations.