Sustainability in Fashion

August 31, 2017

“I truly am a fashionista at heart.” However, “Style is a self-expression of who you are.” Namrita Chettiar Label was reborn with a mission to advance socially and environmentally sustainable manufacturing & sourcing practices while enabling artisans who practice time-honored fabric making processes and empowering women in villages and small towns world-over.

So What is Sustainability in Fashion? A question I have asked myself in the past one year. In my quest to find a medium to express myself, a trip to Kerala, India materialized. “Gods own Country” as it was rightfully named. Prolific fauna and flora; a tropical paradise of waving palms and wide sandy beaches. Abundant backwaters, mountains, spices and art forms. I soaked in everything it had to offer. However, the slow decay of all things exquisite did not escape my eyes. Assuredly, an environmentally degraded earth we would pass on to generations ahead.

Unbridled economic growth, untreated chemical discharges into the marine environment, lack of regulation across all industries has left this “Gods own country” on the verge of an environmental catastrophe. While mindless globalization, mass production and the availability of cheaper products are invading the local arts and crafts. Unfortunately, this scenario is mirrored not just in this particular region of India but all over the world.

San Franciscan in spirit, global at heart, and Indian in my roots; my global design sensibility, a culturally rich inheritance & a strong design background has led to the rebirth of “Namrita Chettiar” Label – A sustainable luxury brand. I want to be accessible to today’s Global woman; Cosmopolitan, Eclectic, discerning in Quality & Style, yet attuned to sustainable practices in Fashion.

Based in Los Altos California, I work with local small businesses to develop my product line, hence supporting the local economy and giving back to the country I now call home! Namrita Chettiar Label has come to represent my spirit.

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